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What are the best seats at the Wimbledon Championships?

Every summer, tennis players from all over the world converge on SW19 in London for the the pinnacle of the tennis season. All with the aim of collecting one of the most coveted titles in sport, Wimbledon Champion.

Throughout its many years, Wimbledon has borne witness to some of the greatest matches in tennis history, with the host often being Wimbledon's iconic Centre Court.

But what are the best seats to have when experiencing tennis at its finest?

A special sport in a special arena deserves special seating, and perhaps no seats are more suited than the Debentures Tickets provided at Wimbledon Debenture Tickets.

What are Wimbledon Debenture tickets?

Wimbledon Debenture Tickets are amongst some of the most coveted tickets in world sport. They provide the best views of the remarkable tennis that will grace both Centre Court and Court 1 over Wimbledon’s two week run time.

In addition to providing exceptional views of the tennis, funds raised by the selling of Wimbledon Denture Tickets also provides a huge roll in contributing to the development of the grounds around Wimbledon.

Debenture tickets provide a number of benefits outside of the best views in the house including:

· A guarantee of a seat on Centre Court or Court 1

· Access to exclusive areas

· Entry to relaxed and formal dinning

Where are Wimbledon Denture Seats on Centre Court?

Generally, all Centre Court debenture seats are within the sections 200 and first couple of rows of the 300s. However, please note, the sections refer to the gangway (staircase) one should use to best access your seats and consequently, this rule is not hard and fast.

The Royal box is located in the southern stand of Centre Court, with the Debenture Seats passing in line around the rest of the stadium. The diagram below shows the Debenture seating area.

Each gangway marked is made up of a number of rows, we provide tickets all over the stadium, with rows A-L often proving the most desirable.

Do any Wimbledon Dentures have limited availability?

Whilst we have a large range of excellent seats providing a fantastic view of the tennis, some of the seats marked on the diagram are not available for us to sell. These include the following gangways…

· 212/201: These Debentures mostly go to the ‘Wimbledon Family’ (ex-players, former Champions, and members of the AELTC).

· 205: The majority of these Debentures are allocated to media teams and the press.

· 211: Smaller than most blocks, virtually all of this section of the debentures is allocated to players’ friends and family.

· Front of 202: Most of the front seats of 202 go to the ‘Wimbledon Family’, however, the Debentures go further back than other equivalent blocks in the 200s.

What are the best days to go to Wimbledon?

Historically, it has always been the case that the Men's Champion from the previous year plays the first match on Centre court on Monday 3rd July. So expect for that to be Novak Djokovic, after his exhilarating final against Nick Kyrgios last year.

In terms of the best days to go, you are most likely to see high ranking seeds on the outside courts in the first few days of the Championship.

The show courts, Centre Court and Court No.1, will host the majority of the top seeds throughout the tournament, so for the guarantee of seeing them tickets for the show courts would be ideal.

For further information on the best days to go to Wimbledon, read more on the Wimbledon Order of Play in 2023.

Can you book specific seats?

If you possess a Wimbledon Debenture Ticket then you are already guaranteed a seat on Centre Court or Court No.1.

But what if you want to book a specific seat beforehand?

If you would like to let us know generally where you would like to sit, then we would more than happy to accommodate.

However, if you would like to guarantee that your seats will be between rows A-L, then there will be a surcharge of £100 - £250 per person, depending on the day.


There are a variety of spaces across both Centre Court and Court 1 which have been reserved for wheelchair users.

209, which appears as 313 and 314 on the diagram, appears to have been modified for wheelchair access in recent years, and is accessed through gangways 313 and 314.

Make sure you don’t miss out!

Here at Wimbledon Debenture Tickets, we pride ourselves on providing the very best Wimbledon experience, with some of the best seats there are to offer.

Wimbledon is a staple in any sport’s fans calendar, and it is only right that such an iconic sporting event be viewed in person.

Make sure you don’t miss out when potential Champions step onto Centre court in pursuit of greatness, by getting your tickets at Wimbledon Debenture Tickets.


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