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Hungerford Tennis Club

Hungerford Tennis Club is a lively and welcoming club within the heart of Hungerford and its community. The Committee’s vision for the next 5 years is to increase its ongoing connections with the local schools encouraging children in the area to live an active and healthy lifestyle, but also to focus on developing the tennis facilities.

Ignition Tennis provides the club with a wide range of coaching sessions by (LTA trained and safeguarded coaches) from youngsters to team training. Ignition are linked to other local clubs which they are looking to integrate with future cross club tournaments.

The club offers a wide range of memberships to cater for families, couples, individuals, students and juniors. Membership is from 1st April for 12 months… and is especially good value for youngsters.

Only members may use the courts and represent the club in matches.

community tennis

Although they are a friendly bunch, they do not loose sight of the tennis season producing teams for the summer leagues. They host a Men’s A,B and C team (the C team especially looking to provide youngsters with match play experience), a Mixed and Ladies team (who had a great 2019 achieving promotion).

The next chapter

Hungerford Tennis club is looking to continue to expand its membership especially to younger players and develop its current facilities; these include the resurfacing, re-fencing and lighting to all four courts. The Tennis Committee have already started work on renovating the club house with new flooring, paintwork and storage facilities and the club looks to continue these also as part of the overall improvements.

proud ambassador

They demonstrate that they are an enthusiastic and friendly club with a committee focused on continuing its success and improving it for generations to come.

“Sporting Agenda’s sponsorship has brought the support we have needed as a club to achieve our ambition to grow as a club and improve our facilities for our members, and continue our support to the local community.”